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PAX Pokemon League
PPL Logo
Established 2010
Challengers Hundreds

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was?


An alternate-reality Pokemon league that takes place at PAX. Challengers wander the con as usual, but if they discover a Gym Leader they lock eyes and the leader challenge begins!

To participate, all you need is a 3DS and a copy of the latest Pokemon game listed on the league site. The team rules are similar to many other tournaments, but unlike those, the league has a very strong casual-friendly atmosphere. They love challengers that use their favorite Pokemon rather than the Uber-strong types.


The event started at Prime 2010 by thespiffyneostar. It was a success with 13 leaders taking dozens of challengers on. The league continued to PAX East 2011, run by Heleor, and including 16 total leaders. The league continued at Prime 2011 with 20 leaders and is going to be happening at East 2012 as well. The first international league was held at PAX Aus 2014, with 13 leaders participating.

Volunteer Opportunities

Gym Leaders are typically recruited months in advance of the convention, and go through a strong application process. There is lots of coordination involved, and if you're interested, follow the league website!


No sign-up is necessary! Simply have your 3DS and a copy of Pokemon, and look out for any leaders during your normal PAX experience. There will be meet-ups announced on the league site close to each convention where you would be able to find any leaders you may have missed. For each defeated Gym Leader you will receive the Gym's very own badge.

More Information

Our website contains news and teasers for all challengers at