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Twitter is a handy tool for keeping up with PAX lines, announcements, friends and giveaways. Although connections are often spotty in the WSCC (and to a lesser extent the BCEC), Twitter is a pretty easy media to access, and one can even have feeds sent as texts to your cell phone to avoid data charges and get prompt updates.

PAX Official and other Important Feeds

PAX Official twitters and important (some unofficial) department feeds for during PAX are listed below. They are also maintained in the form of a follow-able twitter list, linked below.

PAX Important Twitters List

PAX Staff Feeds

PAX Staff: Folks from PA and Reed Pop, those who make PAX go

PAX Staff List

PAX Community Twitters

These twitter feeds are specific to community-run groups and events during and around PAX. Most PAX attendees follow them individually since they are of a more specific interest in nature. However, there is a current maintained list for them here

Hashtags To Know

Hashtags serve as a method of connecting conversations on twitter between people that may not be following each other. One can use this as a method to follow along with certain events that are ongoing during PAX.

Attendee Feeds

A list of twitter feeds for attendees of an upcoming PAX is typically maintained on the PAX Forums. This exists so that attendees can chat and get to know one another before PAX and also to have a go-to list for things that might be going on during PAX.

Current Lists

PAX Prime 2014

Historical Lists