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PAX Challenge Coins
Prime 2010 & East 2011 Coins
Established Prime 2010
Attendance Hundreds
Location PAX
West Contact Person Nfan10039
East Contact Person SutibunRi
South Contact Person crashmurphy & LadyDeath
Aus Contact Person fishfishmonkeyhat
Unplugged Contact Person ArcSyn

A challenge coin is a unique souvenir that will display your participation in the year’s event. Each Pax an unofficial coin is designed specifically for the event by the PAX forum community.


A Challenge Coin has traditionally been used by the military to show unit pride or to be given as a reward to soldiers by high ranking officers / Non Commissioned Officers (NCO). A common practice among soldiers has been to use the coins to determine who buys a round of drinks by taking out a coin and issuing the challenge by slamming it on the bar. If everyone has their coin on them then the challenger must buy the drinks, if someone forgot their coin then that person buys. Another common way to determine the winner/loser is to challenge an individual and who ever has the coin from the highest ranking officer/NCO is the winner. The Challenge Coin has become very popular in other groups besides just the military and PAX is no exception. The Pax Challenge Coin always follows this basic design guideline:

  • Face - An aspect of gaming surrounded by the phrase "Numquam Mentula Es" (Don't be a Dick) & "Welcome Home". PAX Aus uses the phrase "Nullus Anxietas" (No Worries).
  • Reverse - An image representing the host city surrounded by West (Prime) / East / South / Aus / Unplugged, the year, the specific dates, & the location.


The PAX Challenge Coin was originally brought up by strebalicious and organized by papaprinny for Prime 2010. The coin was a success and has been a part of every PAX Prime/West, PAX East, PAX South, & PAX Unplugged since. PAX Aus created a coin in 2015.

Forum Threads

  • Prime 2010 Original thread, strebalicious starts & papaprinny organizes.
  • East 2011 papaprinny organizes.
  • Prime 2011 Slipstream0 organizes, only Prime coin to have a silver finish. Coins did not make it in time to have at Pax.
  • East 2012 flatline & karmakappa organize. Original manufacturer fell through and had to use a new one.
  • Prime 2012 SkeleVader organizes, first Prime coin to have smooth edge.
  • East 2013 KoalaBro2 organizes.
  • Prime 2013 SkeleVader organizes. Original shipment was lost in the mail by USPS. Replacement package came after Pax was over.
  • East 2014 flatline starts & Raughn organizes.
  • Prime 2014 SkeleVader organizes.
  • South 2015 MasterRokku organizes. First PAX South Coin.
  • East 2015 SutibunRi organizes. First use of Ms Pac-Man on front ring.
  • Prime 2015 SkeleVader organizes. First time using Kiddercorp as manufacturer.
  • Aus 2015 fishfishmonkeyhat organizes. First PAX Aus coin. Changed motto to "Nullus Anxietas" (No Worries) which is sometimes referred to as the national motto of Australia.
  • South 2016 RILMS organizes. First use of colour. First time having two coins.
  • East 2016 SutibunRi organizes.
  • West 2016 Nfan10039 and RILMS organize. First PAX West Coin.
  • Aus 2016 fishfishmonkeyhat organizes.
  • South 2017 RILMS organizes.
  • East 2017 SutibunRi organizes.
  • West 2017 Nfan10039 organizes.
  • Aus 2017 fishfishmonkeyhat organizes.
  • Unplugged 2017 robirex organizes. SutibunRi finishes. First PAX Unplugged Coin.
  • South 2018 RILMS organizes.
  • East 2018 SutibunRi organizes.
  • West 2018 Nfan10039 organizes.
  • Aus 2018 fishfishmonkeyhat organizes.
  • Unplugged 2018ArcSyn organizes.
  • South 2019 RILMS organizes
  • East 2019 SutibunRi organizes. ArcSyn finishes.
  • West 2019 Nfan10039 organizes.
  • Aus 2019 fishfishmonkeyhat organizes. First glow in the dark coin.
  • Unplugged 2019 ArcSyn organizes. Changed motto to "Nolito inverte mensa" (Don't flip the table).
  • South 2020 crashmurphy & LadyDeath organize.
  • East 2020 SutibunRi organizes.
  • West 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • Aus 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • Unplugged 2020 - Cancelled due to COVID-19
  • South 2021 - Cancelled due to COVID-19

Volunteer Opportunities

In the past volunteers have been used to help distribute Will Call coins, but the decision to use volunteers or not will be decided upon by that year's organizer.