Exhibition Hall

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Exhibition Hall
East expo hall.png
Exhibition Hall
Thursday Hours (PAX East) 10am - 6pm
Friday Hours 10am - 6pm
Saturday Hours 10am - 6pm
Sunday Hours 10am - 6pm
Monday Hours (PAX West) 10am - 6pm

The exposition hall is one of the main features PAX has to offer. It is available at PAXen with the exception of PAX Dev. It is also the only event at PAX to close before the show closes for the day. It normally closes at 6pm. The exposition hall (Expo) features booths and corporate environments in which attendees can receive swag, demo games, and meet with developers. The PAX merchandise booth is also found in Expo.


PAX Prime/West

PAX Prime 2013: Link

PAX Prime 2014: Link

PAX Prime 2015: Link

PAX West 2016: Link

PAX West 2017: Link

PAX East

PAX East 2012: Link

PAX East 2013: Link

PAX East 2014: Link

PAX East 2015: Link

PAX East 2016: Link

PAX East 2017: Link

PAX South

PAX South 2016: Link

PAX South 2017: Link

PAX Australia

PAX Aus 2013: Link

PAX Aus 2014: Link

PAX Aus 2015: Link

PAX Aus 2016: No List Available

PAX Unplugged

PAX Unplugged 2017: Link

Booth Pricing

As of 2017, this is the pricing for 10'x10' booths at PAX events. This information is directly from an inquiry made on behalf of a fake company to get these prices.

PAX West: $1,750

PAX East: $1,750

PAX South: $1,500

PAX Aus: $1,750

PAX Unplugged: $800