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PAX Forums Sekrit Santa
I'll Ho ho Ho your dreams
Location On the Forums
Contact Person SmallLady

Ho. Ho. Ho. It's time for some Christmas spirit you ungrateful fucks!

For extra holiday fun, follow @sekritsanta on the twitters!


Sekrit Santa is for spreading JOY AND HAPPINESS to fellow PAX forumers in the form of a gift exchange. Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. Santas are then tasked to buy that person a gift.

  • If you do not send a present, your forum account will be banned. There is no exception for this. If you can’t afford to send somebody a present. Don’t sign up.
  • Pairings will be Random.
  • Recommended Gift Value is $15-$20. Feel free to spend as much as you want, however, don’t be that jerk that sends somebody a $1 sheet of spider stickers........That's not cool.
  • No NSFW Gifts.


  • Screw your family, screw your friends, screw your significant other (not the good kind of screwing), and buy your gift for your Santee FIRST, because you’re going to have to mail the fucking thing.
  • Get your present to your Santee BY THE 25th! There is a little leeway to Jan 1st as it’s still “The Holiday Season” but anything after that and you're risking not being invited back to the secret santa and/or Santa's Helper sending Moe Fwacky after you.
  • If your gift is going to be arriving after Jan 1st. PM Santa's Helper. Your excuse better be AMAZING. Don’t tell Santa's Helper your gift got lost. Pay for tracking.


  • When your present arrives, you MUST post on the forums letting everyone know what you got and how amazing it is and thank your Santa. Failure to comply will result in not being invited back next year.
  • Pictures are strongly encouraged.
  • If you don’t do this, you could be treated as a tardy Santa. The whole point of a secret santa is that we all get to enjoy the presents everyone receives.


Signups are CLOSED for Sekrit Santa 2011

Step 1: Post your letter to Santa in the Sekrit Santa Forum Thread. This letter is to let Santa know what kind of things you like so they don't have to send you dog poo in a sock.

Step 2: Send Santa's Helper (SmallLady for 2011) a PM with the Following Information Full Real Name: Mailing Address: Email Address: Twitter Handle: Willing to ship International: (Note: One still may end up matched with an International Santee, if this is an absolute no for you. Don’t sign up. Also, for the purpose of this SS, Canada and the USA will NOT count as international)

Posting or sending Santa's Helper a PM that you are "in" or signed up, means you are not signed up.

Tips for Santas

Places to buy things Nerds like

  • Think Geek- general geeky stuff. Shipping can be high so be sure and shop around. Google for discount coupons.
  • Play Asia - junk from Japan. Nearly everyone likes the little toys they have. Google for discount coupons.
  • - one of the best places to get used games, books and DVDs.
  • - for that Final Fantasy or RPG fan.
  • - the absolute best place to get action figures.
  • - chainmail accessories by Liger
  • - Land of hand made cool shit.
  • - American Science and Surplus

Shipping Tips

  • When buying things for Canadians and using "Express" shipping via FedEx or DHL please keep in mind that they will have to pay duties and taxes. If you are shipping to Canadians please use USPS.
  • Buy things from websites from your santee's country, like
  • 360 points are not cross-country compatible.
  • Most consoles are region restricted. The Nintendo DS is a notable exception to this, though.

Stalking Help

  • If your Santee has a unique forum handle, be sure and Google it. You never know where else s/he might post.
  • Keep an eye on the systems he owns if you're thinking of buying a game.
  • If your Santee has a PS3, don't forget it can play Blu-Ray movies.
  • If your Santee has a XBox Gamer ID, it's not hard to figure out what games he has / likes.
  • Be creative! We have lives other than video games! Is your Santee taking up an instrument? Does he want to start painting? Does he like tabletop games? Does he seem to like cars? This is your chance to get an interesting gift they hadn't thought of, yet!
  • Does your Santee have a favorite game, ever? Consider something related to that! Toys, old complete copies, art books, etc. are always fun.
  • Do you have something in your city / state / country that your Santee doesn't have access to? Interesting candies, foods, posters / prints, and other various knick-knacks make for good box-stuffers.
  • If your Santee has a unique name, you never know what you'll find out by Googling him or her! They might have a twitter or Facebook account!