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Registration is the primary method by which Attendees, Media, and Exhibitors obtain PAX entry Badges. Registration is available at,,,, and for PAX West, PAX East, PAX South, PAX Aus, and PAX Dev respectively.

Attendee Registration

In the past, both pre-registration and on-site registration were available for attendees. However, with the growing popularity of both PAX East and PAX West, all potential badges for those events now sell out prior to the event with no badges available for sale at the door. PAX Dev has yet to sell out and still might have at the door registration.

Registration Packet

This packet contains the badges purchased as well as some very basic information about the event. One MUST have the plastic badge to enter PAX, so don't lose it or forget it.

Registered attendees in the USA that register before the cutoff date listed on the registration website will receive a registration packet in the mail at the address specified during registration at no additional cost.

Registered International attendees have the option to select Fed-Ex shipping (at additional cost) during registration before the cutoff date on the registration website. If selected, a registration packet will be sent via Fed-Ex to the address specified during registration.

Will Call

Those that do not qualify to receive a registration packet (typically those who register after the cutoff date or International attendees that do not select the Fed-Ex shipping option) will have their badges waiting for them at will call. To retrieve said badges, one must bring the barcode from the registration process to the will call desk. Note: if you received a registration packet in the mail, you do not have badges at will call, so don't lose your badges!

Media Registration

Qualified journalists and photographers from a licensed commercial media organization may submit a registration request before the deadline listed on the registration website to receive a media badge for PAX.

Working journalists who wish to register for a media badge must first submit a media registration request. Requests must include (from the registration website):

Submission of the Online Media Registration Form
Business License for Media Outlet
Letter on Company Letterhead from Editor
A photocopy of your business card
Photocopies or links of two (2) articles written by you in the past 6 months.

Remember, PAX isn't a show for media. According to the most recent information from the registration website, PAX is imposing a limit of 6 passes per media outlet. Anyone that registers friends/family as media will be banned from the show, with the possibility of the outlet being banned as well. Like all PAX passes, availability is limited.

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors at PAX must register as such, and can do so through a special exhibitor registration link on the registration website.


PAX Dev accepts applications for sponsors. One can receive information on how to sponsor PAX Dev through the registration website.