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PAX East 2013 was the first event to host the Pinny Arcade pin trading program, featuring the first PAX exclusive pin set. Since then, pin trading has become a noteworthy part of every PAX event, with many attendees, Enforcers, and Penny Arcade staff all carrying lanyards that bristle with these shining baubles.


If purchasing a limited edition pin or set, you may only purchase up to two of these items at a time. When trading with Penny Arcade staff or Enforcers, you may only trade two pins per person per day.

PA Staff and line entertainment can not deny a trade, so don't be nervous about swapping pins with any of the Penny Arcade folks! Pin trading is fun for them too, so if a certain pin catches your eye, don't be afraid to politely ask to trade for it, even if you've only just gotten your first Core Set and that's all you have right now!

When trading, make sure that you have the rubber backing that was originally included with the pin. Many Pin Pals like to use special locking backs to keep their pins for tightly secured to their lanyards, but will always return the rubber backings to the pins for trading purposes.

Many vendors at PAX will have their own pins for sale that aren't considered to be part of the Pinny Arcade program. These pins are frequently pretty cool on their own, but as a general rule, don't expect to swap them pins for Pinny Arcade pins. If you're not sure if it's a Pinny Arcade pin, check the back: All official Pinny Arcade pins are stamped with the Pinny Arcade logo and the year of printing underneath!


Whether you're trading with another attendee, PA Staff, line enforcement, or that enforcer by the door who just happens to have that last pin you need, be courteous! If you get turned down for a trade, politely thank that person and then continue on your way, don't whine and harass them about it.

This applies to vendors, too; if you get a freebie for visiting a booth and you've got dozens of other attendees in line behind you, don't bother the workers for additional pins. It's fun to collect extra pins for your friends back home, or to trade with your Pin Pals who go to other PAX events, but vendors can't realistically give multiple pins to everyone who asks.

When trading, don't take advantage of newcomers! Every PAX means people discovering Pinny Arcade for the first time, and nothing will turn away new Pin Pals faster than finding out that they traded away a limited edition pin for something easily obtained at the merch booth. Besides, bad news travels fast, and if you cultivate a negative expectation regarding your trading etiquette, you might find yourself trading only with yourself.

Trading Outside of PAX

PAX Exclusive Pins

Many pins are exclusive to PAX events, while others may appear elsewhere in unusual cases.

PAX East


Penny Arcade
East2013Logo.png PAX East 2013 Logo Available at the Merch Booth (PAX East 2013 Set)
East2013HandheldLoungeGabe.png Handheld Lounge Gabe Available at the Merch Booth (PAX East 2013 Set)
East2013TableTopTycho.png Table Top Tycho Available at the Merch Booth (PAX East 2013 Set)
East2013PAXKemper.png PAX Kemper Available at the Merch Booth (PAX East 2013 Set)
East2013Chandra.png Chandra Participate in the Magic 2014 demo at the Wizards of the Coast booth


Penny Arcade

PAX Australia


Penny Arcade
AUS2013Logo.png PAX AUS 2013 Logo Available at the Merch Booth (PAX AUS 2013 Set)
AUS2013AUSGabe.png AUS Gabe Available at the Merch Booth (PAX AUS 2013 Set)
AUS2013AUSTycho.png AUS Tycho Available at the Merch Booth (PAX AUS 2013 Set)
AUS2013AUSKemper.png AUS Kemper Available at the Merch Booth (PAX AUS 2013 Set)
AUS2013Chandra2.png Chandra 2 Participate in the Magic 2014 demo at the Wizards of the Coast booth

PAX Prime


Penny Arcade