Dungeons and Dragons Encounters

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D&D Encounters
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You descend into a large room decorated with banners of heros, monsters and villains. There are large tables arranged in a honeycomb pattern filling the room. On these tables lay seemingly random papers, figurines of the creatures depicted on the banners adorning the area, and dice. Welcome to the Dungeon.


The Dungeons and Dragons Encounters area at PAX is where people come to get their DnD on. Hosted and run by Wizards of the Coast Dungeons and Dragons, this is the perfect place to get your role play fix, regardless of your level. They offer sessions for novices and experts alike. There are various scenarios setup as single encounters and each lasts an hour. Premade Essentials characters are provided for players and some Dungeon Masters (DMs) even provide their players dice.

On the completion of set stages in each encounter, players earn points which may then be exchanged for various prizes at the main table. Available prizes in the past have included premade character cards, posters, and figurines.


To participate in DnD Encounters, players simply lineup and are then setup at a table when one becomes available. There are 6 players per table and if you don't have 6 people in your group, they will help you find more players. There are repeats of encounter scenarios, but the organizers will try and to get you into a new one if they can.

In the past, the DnD Encounters organizers have run contests to give out extra prizes. These are generally announced via their Twitter feed.

Expected Content

Dungeons and Dragons.