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Bring Your Own Computer
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PAX East Hours Friday 10am-11:45pm
Saturday 10am-11:45pm
Sunday 10am-5:45pm
PAX Aus Hours Friday 10am-11:45pm
Saturday 10am-11:45pm
Sunday 10am-5:45pm
PAX Prime Hours Friday 10am-11:45pm
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Contact Vapok, Dreamwish, Gamma, Dreggor

BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer and is and is a multi-hundred person LAN at PAX.

DISCLAIMER: Due to occasional last minute changes to BYOC, pay attention to the official PAX twitter account for any big changes that might not get immediately propagated to the wiki.


PAX BYOC exists as a private lan party in the heart of PAX and a private space for BYOC registered attendees to retreat to between enjoying the rest of what PAX has to offer. BYOC also includes Internet Access, as well as access to exclusive BYOC contests and prizes.


  • To attend BYOC at PAX, one must obtain a BYOC seat. This is now within the same registration process as one's PAX badge.
  • Seating is first come first serve day of the event. Group seating is available through the PAX Forums for groups of at least 6 attendees.

Check In

  • Check in typically starts 2 hours before PAX opens on the first day of PAX. The intent is to have everyone inside the room an hour before PAX opens so they can have their things hooked up and ready right when PAX begins.
  • All devices going into the BYOC room must be checked in at the BYOC desk. They will have a barcode attached that is tied to a barcode on your BYOC badge. Everything from then on must be scanned in and scanned out when passing through BYOC doors.

What To Bring

  • Your BYOC badge (just in case, bring your confirmation email and photo ID to verify ownership of your registration)
  • Computer and display (no larger than 24" display - this size is different at some paxes)
  • Mouse and Keyboard (and Joystick/GamePad if you use these)
  • Network cable (25ft)
  • Power and Video Cables
  • Games (and their required discs if applicable)
  • Headphones (speakers are not allowed)
  • Laptop lock if you bring a laptop

Note: Surge Protectors will be provided (ANY Surge Protectors not provided by PAX will be IMMEDIATELY unplugged. Some people have had luck bringing them in and having them inspected, but do not rely on this.)

What Not To Bring

  • Any cooler larger than a lunchbox
  • Ice
  • Chair-size cooler
  • Game Consoles
  • Basically anything that takes power other than a computer and monitor.

Power Restrictions

  • Socket Limit: Two (2) sockets
  • If you have power adapters that take up additional space on a power strip, please bring a short extension cable so you do not block other people's sockets
  • For additional power needs such as: cell phone chargers or headphone amplifiers, please bring a UL certified power strip AND have it inspected by PAX BYOC admins.
  • Each seat gets a power budget of approximately 3.5 amps.

Purchasing Multiple Seats

If a prospective BYOC attendee needs space for a monitor larger than the limit or needs more than 3.5 amps of power for their system, that attendee may purchase a maximum of 2 BYOC seats to accommodate these needs. This is available as long as attendees do not abuse it.


The room is guarded all during PAX and locked up at night. The PC Security Team is the first group in and the last group out. If you must take your stuff up (like a laptop) you need to check it out at the security desk as you leave and check it back in when you return.

Games and Contests


Whatever is popular will be played. TF2, LoL, COD4/5/6/7/8/9/10/etc, BF3, WoW, SW:ToR, Starcraft 2, Portal 2, Monday Night Combat, L4D2, etc. Generally if you want to play a game you can find others that are up for it as well.


There are occasionally BYOC specific tournaments that are unknown ahead of time. These are typically of a game that is recently popular.


The Enforcers that run BYOC supervise many non gaming contests throughout the weekend. They are never known for sure until very close to PAX, and some are not known until PAX begins. Examples of past contests:

  • Best Case Mod
  • Worst Computer
  • Worst Mouse
  • Bridge Building
  • Hard Drive Shuffleboard
  • Scavenger Hunts


Year Building Floor Room Year Building Floor Room Year Building Floor Room Year Building Floor Room
2015 BCEC 0 N/A 2015  ?  ?  ? 2015  ?  ?  ? 2015 HBGCC  ?  ?
2014 BCEC 0 N/A 2014 WSCC Annex 3 N/A 2014 MCEC  ?  ?
2013 BCEC 0 N/A 2013 WSCC Annex 3 N/A 2013 Melbourne Showgrounds  ?  ?
2012 BCEC 0 N/A 2012 WSCC Annex 3 N/A
2011 BCEC 1 157 2011 WSCC 6 6C