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Get your boardgame geek on at Tabletop! Tables provided.


The Tabletop (TT) Department of PAX is where all manner of non-video games are played, generally on top of a table (though floor space is often an option). These games may be of the type board, roleplaying, card, or other. There are specific rooms assigned just for Tabletop, but Tabletop play is not exclusively limited to these areas. There is also a Tabletop Library where games can be rented in exchange for ID, and many attendees bring their own games to play with others.

There are often venders from various gaming companies offering demos within the Tabletop area. There is also generally a game store where attendees can purchase popular boardgames they have seen demo'd or rented from the Tabletop Library.

Some attendees often spend a decent amount of their time in the Tabletop area, looking for other attendees to play various boardgames with. Various methods are used for attendees to meet others interested in games, not limited to the using of Twitter, the Tabletop Library whiteboard, or just approaching strangers in person and asking. These methods and more are currently in discussion on the PRIME Tabletop Freeplay thread.

For Attendees interested in Dungeons and Dragons Encounters and Magic: The Gathering, in recent years those games have had their own designated areas of play within the convention center, separate from Tabletop. This isn't to say you can't play those games in Tabletop, it's just a heads up.


Tabletop is a free-play area of PAX and has no sign-up requirements. Tables are made available for attendees to play games they either rent from the Tabletop Library or bring themselves. It is asking that attendees only use the tables if they are playing games and not "camp" the area. Also, gameplay is not limited to the Tabletop designated rooms.

Expected Content

The Tabletop room(s) come with ample table space and chairs. In addition, the Tabletop Library has a variety of games for rent.


Year Building Floor Room Year Building Floor Room Year Building Floor Room
2012 BCEC ### ### 2012 WSCC ### ###
2011 BCEC ### ### 2011 WSCC ### ###