Penny Arcade Merch Booth

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Penny Arcade Merch Booth
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PAX East Merch Booth
Info Each PAX event has merch booths to match the theme of the specific event.

A Magical booth where you can buy all things Penny Arcade and PAX! There's typically two merch booths open during each event to split the crowds a bit.


The PA merch booth has ITEM X that I really really really want. When should I get it?

As soon as you can. Typically this means Friday (or Thursday for East) morning on your way to the queue line. If what you want is guaranteed to be in limited supply (like the PAX East scarves, merch hats, limited edition hoodies, or uncommonly sized tee shirts) get it first.

How true to size are the shirts and hoodies?

The Men's shirts fit very true to size. They are Gildan brand. The Women's shirts are a mix of American Apparel and Bella babydolls, and run small. The unisex hoodies fit a little big. Don't hesitate to ask the Merch Enforcers about sizing! They are all wearing various items for sale and will help you find the right size.

What will be for sale at the official merch booth?

The PA booth generally stocks a healthy supply of the standard fare. There's usually a good stock of premium hoodies with unique designs annually (started in 2016), as well as posters, prints, shirts, playmats, bags, water bottles, and hoodies. Other items such as hats and scarves sometimes appear as PAX-exclusive items. Men's shirts are available in sizes S-4XL, women's shirts in S-2XL babydolls, and hoodies in unisex S-3XL. Each year there is a shirt available with that year's PAX logo. The rest of the shirts are a limited selection of standard online store supply along with some limited and/or exclusive goodies. If there is something you want specifically for collecting autographs (ex: a Little Puppy poster), get it sooner rather than later. Often those items move more quickly as the Gabe & Tycho signing approaches.

Will there be a PAX exclusive item?

Nowadays there usually is items you won't find anywhere but that event that year, such as the limited edition/premium hoodies or limited edition event pin. Follow @Official_PAX on Twitter or Penny Arcade News, as they'll usually announce the merch several weeks before the event.

The merch line is longer than longcat! When will it die down?

There may be a lull on Sunday afternoon, when much of the stock is depleted. Don't worry! The line moves quick and it's a good way to meet other people with pokewalkers/magic cards/beach balls/THAT THING YOU LIKE.

Why is ITEM X sold out?! I really wanted it!

A lot of other people wanted it too. Brian the Awesome Merch Master Guy does his best to estimate demand, but he is a genuine meat human. If you really want ITEM X, buy it early and don't wait until the end of the show. If it is not PAX-specific, you can probably find it on the PA Merch website. Last PAX East, when the merch booth ran out of scarves, they implemented an online order system on site. The same MIGHT happen again, but no guarantees.

I waited in line for an hour and NOW you're telling me you don't have ITEM X? Sad Boosh.

This happens sometimes. It could be it sold out while you were waiting in line. It might have been the guy in front of you. It might have been 10 minutes after opening on Friday (in which case there will hopefully be a sign posted). Don't fret. There is plenty of other stuff for you to get. Think ahead and have a Plan B of How To Spend Your Money.