Paramount Theater

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The Paramount Theatre (outside view)
The Paramount Theatre (inside view)

The Paramount Theater (also referred to as the Main Theatre) is a theatre used to host PAX panels and the Friday + Saturday night concerts.

Why is the Paramount Theatre used?

Two main reasons are...

  1. Proximity to the WSCC
  2. Larger seating capacity

The Paramount Theatre was introduced to PAX at PAX Prime 2011. It replaced the Benaroya Hall. One of the reasons for the change was the location. Benaroya Hall is ~four blocks away from the WSCC while the Paramount is only one block away. Another reason for the change is seating capacity. The Paramount has an additional ~300 more seats than Benaroya Hall.

Getting to the Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is located at 911 Pine Street. It is about a quarter of mile northeast from the WSCC main entrance. Total walking time should be about 5 minutes or less. The line (for panels and concerts) is on the west side of the building (9th Ave). 9th Ave (by the Paramount) will be temporary shut down to automotive traffic (for the duration of PAX) for the safety of attendees. The line is known to zig-zag into the street.

Still need help finding your way? Google Maps to the rescue!

Fun Facts

  • Opened March 1, 1928
  • Cost $3 million to build
  • Current seating capacity ~2,807
  • Hosted a Star Trek convention
  • Ida Cole (former Microsoft VP) bought the Paramount Theatre for $9.6 billion and completed a major overhaul to the theatre.