PAX Girl's Meetup

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PAX Girl's Meetup
Established 2010
Attendance ###
Location Changes
Contact Person EruditeAphrodite

Where ladies get together to just be ladies. And drink. A lot.


For many years, a bunch of PAX Ladies got together for a delicious girls-only brunch (with booze!). While it may be resurrected in the future, this community event is currently dormant due to lack of consistent organizer time and attendance numbers.


EruditeAphrodite started organizing the Girl's Meetup at PAX East 2010. Since then she's organized a meetup at each Prime and East PAX at various locations. The meetup is an informal gathering where members of the PAX community who identify themselves as female can come hang out, enjoy drinks, and generally bond without worrying about icky boys. From the OP:

Dear boys,
We know you think it's witty and arty
To say that you will crash our party.
However, of our patience this is a misuse
and just makes you look like a flaming asshole *coughs* I mean, silly goose.
We have considered our motives and have decided
that girl time should be encouraged and not derided.
It's not that we don't love you bunches
but we don't need testosterone with all of our lunches.
And yes, you are free to have a boys only mob
Just start your own thread, planning one isn't my job.
Ladies, I'm excited to meet you all, oh very
So let's have this party, be girly and make merry!

Volunteer Opportunities


Cost for the Meetup depends on location but is general under $20 for food and some drink. Attendees need to signup on the forum thread before the meetup so that a valid headcount can be given to the venue.