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PAX East Train Alliance
Established 2010
Attendance Varies by train
Location Mobile
Contact Person Moe Fwacky

The PAX East Train Alliance (PAX ETA), or "PAXTrain" for short, is a coordinated effort for PAX-goers to ride the same train at the same time going to Boston for PAX East, both as an alternative to driving or flying, and to enjoy an intimate "mini-convention" while en-route.


The PAX ETA is coordinated through the Amtrak network of trains. There are five train lines that connect to the Lake Shore Limited in Chicago. Additionally, there are two lines that run from New Orleans and Florida and meet in D.C. From those points, the riders of each train all come together and ride from either Chicgo or D.C. to Boston together. There is an additional line that runs from Portland, Maine directly to Boston. Each train line is named for a different video game or game character, such as the Mega Man Line, the Metroid Line and the Luigi Line.


Starting in 2013, due to the absence of someone to take on the work for figuring out the entirety of the train schedules for all lines (was Moe Fwacky in the past) the train thread was split into multiple train threads for the most active trains.

Train Threads for 2014

2014 Metal Gear Line - Chicago to Boston along the Great Lakes. Includes but not limited to stops in Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany
2014 Sonic Line - Baltimore to Boston along the East Coast USA. Includes but not limited to stops in Philly, Newark, NYC, Bridgeport, and Providence


The inspiration for the ETA comes from the West Coast Train Trip, which, since 2007, has traveled up the west coast from southern California to Seattle for PAX Prime. In the same vein, the ETA was designed to bring travelers from all across the United States to Boston for PAX East.


PAX East Train Alliance 2010 Forum Thread
In its first year, the different train lines were referred to by color, instead of by video game characters. Part of what inspired this change was that the different subway lines of the MBTA or "T" were also named by color.


PAX East Train Alliance 2011 Forum Thread
During this year, the Metal Gear Line sold out by March 2. Also of note, the Metroid Line ran several hours late, and as a result, the passengers of that train ended up on a different train than the main group from Washington D.C. to Boston.


PAX East Train Alliance 2012 Forum Thread


2013 Metal Gear Line
2013 Sonic Line

Volunteer Opportunities

While the ETA doesn't require volunteers in the same vein as other community events, it does need entertainment. Passengers are encouraged to bring along games to play with others.


To attend, the only real requirement is to buy a ticket (on the proper train, of course). Ticket prices can fluctuate, and occasionally Amtrak runs sales, so it's good to keep an eye out for those. Additionally, in 2011, one of the trains sold out of space, so don't wait until the last minute, or you might miss out. Also, don't forget to post in the thread on the PAX forum to let others know that you will be there.

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