PAX East Trading Cards

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PAX East Trading Cards
Dave2012 Front V3 Small.png
Peasant Dave 2012
Established PAX East 2010
Attendance 50+
Location In and Around PAX East
Contact Person Peasant Dave

PAX East Trading Cards were one of the many great keepsakes and events of early PAX East shows. Similar to Buttoneering, they served as a memento, creative outlet, and ice-breaker.


Basically everyone who wishes to participate designs their own cards based on an agreed-upon template and set of community event participation badges, then trades them with other PAXers during the convention. More than 50 people participated for PAX East 2011, and again for PAX East 2012 so it was a great way to meet people. The organizing folks were unable to continue, however, and so this ended up fading into obscurity.


The initial idea was to do something like the button swap at PAX East, but different. Everyone would make one (or more) trading cards in the style of the old Marvel Trading Cards, and then people would trade them! Super-hero based things have been replaced with Arcadian based things.

PAX East 2010

The inaugural PAX East, where this began, had fair participation but not as much as Buttoneering. The template was classic 90's superhero themed. The forum thread for the event organization lies here.

PAX East 2011

Due to the smallish turnout for 2010, the template for 2011 stayed the same. Repeat participants were able to make a new card with a "revised" number from their 2010 card (card 1 versus card 1R). These cards are all considered part of the same set. East 2011 had a much larger participation for cards. The forum thread for the event organization lies here.

PAX East 2012

The theme for PAX East 2012 was Magic The Gathering. The forum thread for it lies here. While there was plenty of participation, this marked the last year for this community event.