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PAX Dev is a two day conference held for student and professional developers.


Beginning in 2011, PAX Dev is held two days before the start of PAX Prime (the Wednesday and Thursday before PAX Prime). It was formed due to the fact that many developers attended PAX, but wanted a smaller convention with developers only. PAX Dev covers the major disciplines of development which include Art, Design and Programming. This event includes panels and workshops for the developers to share information and elevate their skill set.


Registration is limited to only professional and student developers. It is not open the general public and no media is allowed at PAX Dev. Please note that a valid school I.D. is required for proof when purchasing a student ticket. Click here to visit the registration site.

PAX Dev 2013 Schedule

Information currently not available.

Prior PAX Dev Schedules by Year

PAX Dev 2011 Schedule -
PAX Dev 2012 Schedule -