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Welcome to the PAX Community Wiki


PAX West is coming! Updates await!

About the Wiki

When reading the wiki, please keep in mind that this is a young wiki and the article you are looking for may not exist yet. If there's an absence of a page that you think should be there, and you want to write it, use the application to sign up for an account and create it.

When writing for the wiki, use an available boilerplate so that common article types stay stylistically similar. If there's a boilerplate category that doesn't exist yet, create a stub for it from the default if you know how, and if you don't, ask! Try to be as informative as possible without being too subjective. Perfect objectivity isn't expected, but it should be a goal of every article to be a knowledge base and not a guide.

If you want to contribute to the PAX Community Wiki Project, just fill out this form! Accounts are created through this process to prevent griefers in much the same way as a chat channel might be moderated. Generally if you want to contribute, you will have your account created, but this process weeds out folks that can't be bothered to type in a few answers to some simple questions.

No Personal Pages at this time. This wiki is intended to be an information resource on PAX as an event and not as a social network. As we're focusing on getting as much PAX content added as possible, User pages are disabled. Great ways to get to know people are the various Community Events that are organized around PAX via the Official PAX Forums.

Take a look at the Wanted Pages list for ideas on where to start contributing!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software and wiki markup.

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