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Penny Arcade Forum Badges
PAX East 2014 Forum Badge Front.jpg
PAX East 2014 Forum Badge Front
Established 2008
Attendance Hundreds
Location PAX East and PAX West (so far)
Contact Person Kropotkin

In 2008, as a way to give back to the welcoming PAX Forums community, Kroptokin took it upon himself to create the Forums Badge. It has become a staple must-have for PAX forumers and is major part of every PAX for the forum community.


The PAX Forum badges are a token of pride and community that many forum goers strive to obtain and display. The Forum badges indicate a presence on the Official PAX Forums and some level of active participation therein. The design has evolved since its inception in 2008 and it continues to be one of the most sought-after items at any PAX by forum participants. The badges typically display the logo of the current PAX on the front and forum handles of active forum goers on the back. Since the adoption of the Unofficial PAX Community logo, the official PAX logo has been relegated to the background on the front with the community logo being displayed prominently in the foreground. Since kropotkin hasn't attended PAX Aus or PAX South yet, this hasn't yet expanded past Boston and Seattle.


Past Forum Threads

Forum Badge Fronts

Forum Badge Backs

Getting ON the Badge

  1. Participate in the current forum badge thread
  2. Take part in a Pre-PAX community event
  3. Be a PAX forum moderator
  4. Be Robert Khoo
  5. Design the badge in the first place

Receiving a Badge

To obtain a PAX Forum Badge, one must do one of the following things

  • Participate in a Pre-PAX community event that gives out badges
  • Go to the BYOC desk and answer one or many of the code questions (listed in that year's forum thread close to PAX)