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Cookie Brigade
Cookie Brigade Logo
Established 2007
Attendance ###
Location All of PAX
Contacts Robertrence, Ransim

What started in 2007 as two people randomly handing out cookies to people waiting in lines has become a force for good! The Brigadiers bake cookies and bring them to PAX, where they distribute their tasty goodies and accept donations to Child's Play. In the past 5 years they’ve raised more than $93,000!


Cookie Brigadiers distribute cookies in conjunction with PAX and run other charity events during the year. Cookie distribution occurs before, during and after PAX until they run out of cookies.

Brigadiers collect donations on behalf of Child's Play, a nonprofit organization that gives toys and games to kids in Children’s Hospitals around the world. Watch this informative video to learn more about what Child's Play does for kids!

Historical Donations

  • $5000+ at PAX Aus 2013
  • $500 at the 2013 Child's Play Golf Tournament
  • $17,650+ at PAX East 2013
  • $715 for a Desert Bus silent Auction.
  • $13000+ at PAX Prime 2012
  • $13000+ at PAX East 2012
  • $14000+ at PAX Prime 2011
  • $9600+ at PAX East 2011
  • $7900+ at PAX Prime 2010
  • $3000+ at PAX East 2010
  • $5000+ at PAX Prime 2009
  • $5400+ at PAX Prime 2008

Volunteer Opportunities

The Cookie Brigadiers are all volunteers, many of which are also attendees of PAX. The brigade is comprised of people who like to bake and enthusiastically support the goals of the Child's Play charity. Volunteers interested in participating should visit the Cookie Brigade website for more information.

Finding a Cookie Brigade Member

Cookie Brigade members who partipate in the PAX fundraisers can be found walking through lines, passing by in halls, and greeting you as you play with offers of delicious baked goods! Look for people wearing an official Cookie Brigade brigadier patch!

You can also keep an eye on twitter to see where Cookie Brigade members might be headed by checking out the #cookiebrigade hashtag on twitter.