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The WSCC Annex

The WSCC Annex is host to PAX Prime's PC Freeplay and BYOC areas.


The Annex (also referred to as 'The Conference Center') plays host to the PC Freeplay and BYOC areas which are located on the third floor. On the lower level you will find Wizards of the Coast hosting Dungeons and Dragons training sessions, play-tests and tournaments. The first floor has been often set up for Magic: the Gathering.

Where is it?

The Annex is located on 8th Ave and Pike Street (across from the WSCC). WSCC employees will need to see your PAX badge for entry.

  • PC Freeplay (3rd Floor)
  • BYOC (3rd Floor)
  • Magic: the Gathering (1st Floor)
  • Dungeons and Dragons (Lower Level)